Acupuncture aims to treat a large number of ailments by restoring the balance of Yin and Yang, through a restoration of the circulation of Qi, the energy that circulates in the human body. In which cases and against which diseases can it be interesting to use it?

1- Acupuncture for stress-related ailments

Overwork, uncertainties, heavy workloads, daily worries… we live in an age of stress: never before has this problem been so widespread. Today, it affects a majority of individuals, whether it is acute and punctual or in the background, without them really realizing it. It is the latent cause of many illnesses that insidiously take hold over the years. In acupuncture, stress is considered to be the result of a poor circulation of energy in the body, creating energy blockages. The acupuncturist’s work will consist of determining where these blockages are located in order to undo the “knots” they create, and thus fight stress by restoring a good circulation of Qi. In the same way, many problems directly related to stress can be solved, such as insomnia, coldness, digestive problems, anxiety…

2- Acupuncture against smoking

Acupuncture has long been considered as an aid in the fight against smoking, but has been losing ground in recent years: according to some, it is mainly useful because of the placebo effect it produces. Nevertheless, significant results have been observed in the fight against tobacco addiction thanks to this traditional medicine. According to acupuncturists, the reactivation of energy circuits considerably reduces the desire to smoke. However, it is often necessary to combine acupuncture with other medicines such as hypnosis, as well as with pharmacological help to fight nicotine addiction.

3- Acupuncture for everyday ailments

Acupuncture is also recommended for the treatment of many minor health problems, the most important of which are typically female problems such as cystitis: acupuncture is said to reduce recurrences of urinary tract infections by half. Acupuncture can also be used to fight against pregnancy problems (heavy legs, nausea, sleep disorders, insufficient opening of the cervix…) and to prepare serenely for childbirth. Finally, it is often recommended to people suffering from migraines.

4- For which diseases can acupuncture be of no use?

Acupuncture, like all traditional medicines, cannot be considered as a remedy for the most serious pathologies such as cancer, which today require recourse to allopathic medicine. It can, however, help to relieve the side effects associated with the treatment of these diseases such as chemotherapy.

Acupuncture is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine. It heals functional disorders of the body by restoring the circulation of Qi, the vital energy of each individual.

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