Acupuncture to lose weight: acupuncture points for slimming

Acupuncture is a practice originating in Asia, which is based on the principle of energy flow in the body. It consists of placing fine needles on very precise points on the body, and brings benefits of all kinds, and can notably be used to help weight loss, by rebalancing the appetite among others.

1- What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the practices that have been part of the knowledge of Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is based on the notion of the circulation of positive and negative energy flows in the body, and aims to rebalance them in order to bring more well-being. Indeed, Chinese medicine stipulates that a person in good health has balanced flows, which circulate correctly, as opposed to a person who suffers from something. In fact, acupuncture is used to treat various ailments, such as chronic pain like migraines, intestinal disorders, but also for smoking cessation, or for weight loss. Indeed, it can act on the appetite, as well as on the regulation of weight, and is thus an ally in a process of thinness objective.

2- How does an acupuncture session work?

In concrete terms, an acupuncture session consists of a practitioner placing fine needles on strategic and very precise points on the skin, all over the body. The patient lies down, relaxes, and the practitioner comes to place the needles on energetic points, where the stimulation will have a particular effect. This practice is not painful: the needles are very fine and are placed only on the surface of the skin. Each point corresponds to a specific area and will have a specific effect. The points are different for each person: indeed, the energy flow is specific to each person, and the cause of the imbalance generated differs according to the experiences, the organisms, the state of health and the daily life of each person. In the case of a consultation to lose weight, the duration and number of sessions can vary from one person to another.

3- Acupuncture and slimming: what effects on weight loss?

Acupuncture will have an effect on your appetite, but not directly on your weight. In fact, it will have an impact on the external factors that disturb your inner balance: stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, etc. In fact, according to the precepts of Chinese medicine, these are the factors that can be the source of appetite disorders, because they unbalance the energy and the internal flows. These are the factors that will be treated by the acupuncture sessions. In fact, they can help you to regulate your hunger and thus to eat in quantities more adapted to your ideal weight. Generally, it is recommended to follow a program between 2 and 4 months in order to observe significant effects on your appetite and therefore on your weight.

4- How acupuncture can help you lose weight

As we have seen, the principle of acupuncture is to help heal the body from within, by helping you rebalance your flow, that is to say, by treating the symptoms (appetite) and not the cause (excess weight). In fact, it is not a diet or a program that will make you lose weight as such, but it will help you control your appetite and adjust your hunger, and therefore ultimately control your weight. The sessions can help lower the level of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, in your body. This will make it easier to resist snacking cravings and follow nutritional recommendations to the letter. Finally, acupuncture will allow you to reduce your stress levels and relax on a daily basis. This general calming down can also help you to avoid food deviations and excess of fatty and/or sugary foods, which sometimes have a comforting aspect in case of low morale.

5- Integrating acupuncture into a weight loss program

Acupuncture will only have an effect if it is integrated into a real weight loss program, i.e. a rebalancing of your diet and/or sports, a dietary follow-up, etc. Indeed, this method will allow you to regulate your appetite, but this rebalancing must be followed and sustainable to have an effect. In fact, the sessions must be part of a healthy and balanced diet. This way, weight loss can be done progressively, avoiding cravings, food deviations and eating the calories that your body needs, without being in excess. Acupuncture can therefore be a beneficial complement to a more general weight loss program, which will help you in your approach.

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